The Top 5 Hidden Red Light Areas in Mumbai You've Never Heard Of

If you've ever been to Mumbai, chances are you've heard of the infamous Kamathipura, the city's red light district and one of its most popular tourist attractions. If you're looking to take your tourism to the next level, however, you'll want to spend some time exploring the city's lesser-known red light areas just remember that not every one of them is legal!

Here are five Mumbai red light area name deserve more attention from both tourists and sex workers themselves.

Turbhe Tekdi

red light area turbhe tekdi

This hidden red light area is located near by Turbhe Railway station of Mumbai. It's small, but it's home to a number of brothels and sex workers. Most sex workers are from Nepal, Bengal and some other states of the country.

They earn their living by catering to male customers. People here are very friendly and welcoming, so the place can be an interesting experience for those who have never been there before.

All pimps are available here at affordable price . All sorts of girls can be found there; even transgenders. The customers are usually men who come here looking for sexual services. The prostitutes charge anywhere between Rs 300-Rs 500 depending on what they offer.

Congress House

red light area in mumbai image

Congress House is an old red light area that once was populated by gangsters such as Haji Mastan, Dawood Ibrahim, and Arun Gwali.

It's a desolate place now with just a few houses with prostitutes. However, it has more history than any other red light district in Mumbai.

Hanuman Tekdi

Indian red-light area in mumbai photos

An area located in Bhiwandi known for its red light district, Hanuman Tekdi. It is said that this area is home to more than a thousand sex workers. The best part about the place is that it’s not just one person working here; the entire family comes together and starts earning money.

According to survey conducted by Shree Sai Seva Sanstha there are total 87% of people who want to leave their job due to pandemic attack in 2020.

Grant Road

red light area in mumbai pics

There has been a complete transformation of Mumbai's Grant Road area, which used to be known for brothels and sexually explicit materials markets. Now this place has been converted to a place of worship.

Foras Road

red light area in mumbai photos

Foras Road is a red light area in city Mumbai, famous for sex workers who do Mujras. It is also popular because the people from other cities like Bhopal, Lucknow, Agra, etc come and visit this place.

Mumbai Red Light Area Price List

The price for booking a call girl from above red light area is reasonable and budget-friendly. You can get in a budget of 500 to 2000 according to your selection.

Red Light Ares in Jogeshwari

Jogeshwari is not so famous for red light area but if you are willing to find some red light area nearby Jogeshwari then you can visit Kamathipura which is only 26.5km that you can travel by train or any other transport.

Mumbai Red Light Area Address

You can visit your desired red light area in mumbai. All Mumbai red light area location on map mention below:

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